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iOS exclusive suggestions?


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Infinity Blade I, II, III is a good series of games to play. You can often catch them on sale. The book is surprisingly good too.


Sky is made by the people who made Journey. I have yet to play it, but its sitting at a 4.4 on the app store.


Not exclusive, but Alto's Adventure/Odyssey is a great game to kill some time with.

Monument Valley 1/2 also isn't exclusive, but very enjoyable games.

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36 minutes ago, stepee said:

Is Sky early access via invite or smtn? I can’t find it or the that game company on the app store. Their site doesn’t have a button to go dl it either. 

Yep. Their website has a email subscribe list to be eligible for early access, looks cool though. Watched some gameplay on YouTube. 

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23 minutes ago, ManUtdRedDevils said:

Originally iOS games and still best on played in iOS. 


How so? I've played most of The Room games and YMBAB on Android and they were perfect. No bugs, no crashes, and they looked great. 80 Days has also been on my radar, but then both Monument Valley games were on sale so I finally got off my ass to play then both.

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