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Post one of your favorite games from this gen and I will give you my honest opinion on it


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2 hours ago, Chris- said:


I don’t play online shooters BUT this looks very cool Christopher and I like the character designs. I would probably be willing to play it if anybody I knew bugged me enough about it. 

1 hour ago, RedSoxFan9 said:

Breath of the Wild

Couldn’t get into it tbh 

1 hour ago, Bacon said:

I was gonna say BB, but instead, Persona 5. 

Haven’t played it. Is it turn-based? Because generally I don’t like turn based games. 

1 hour ago, CastlevaniaNut18 said:

Super Mario Odyssey 

Amazing game and the song that they sing in New Donk City is a personal fave 

1 hour ago, stepee said:

Life is Strange

The actual greatest game ever 

41 minutes ago, darkness35 said:

DJMAX Respect.

Idk what the hell this is but I don’t like DJs out of principle 

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18 hours ago, legend said:




The most accurate exchange that has ever occurred on D1P.


What makes the Witcher 3 more successful to games like Assassin's Creed Orgins and Oddessy? Games clearly influence by the Witcher 3 but in your opinion don't match up?


Imo, Oddessy is a better game than the Witcher 3.  More open in scale and better combat to start. 

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