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In Texas, history will now (NOW, not NOT, okay? NOW NOW NOW NOW) be taught in history class

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Texas Students Will Now Learn That Slavery Was ‘Central’ to the Civil War



Under the current educational standards in Texas, adopted in 2010, slavery is listed as one of several causes of the Civil War, after sectionalism and states’ rights. But after last week’s revisions, the standards will say that elementary school students should be able to identify “the central role of the expansion of slavery in causing the Civil War and other contributing factors, including sectionalism and states’ rights.” (Middle school students will be held to similar standards, though the wording is slightly different.)



The effort began about a year ago, when volunteer teams of educators, academics and other community members, overseen by the state, gathered to make revisions and deletions. In September, they submitted a first draft to the State Board of Education, which comprises five Democrats and 10 Republicans.


After the board approved the draft to open it up for public comment, it quickly made national headlines because Mrs. Clinton’s and Ms. Keller’s names had been removed. Comments poured in, and not all of them from within state lines.


Marty Rowley, a Republican member of the education board, said he had not immediately noticed the deleted names when he voted to make the document public in September. Two months later, he approved the version that had restored Mrs. Clinton’s and Ms. Keller’s names.

“I don’t necessarily agree with Hillary Clinton’s politics, but there was significant public outpouring that indicated that she was a significant political figure that needed to be included, so that’s how I voted,” Mr. Rowley said.


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1 minute ago, Hurdyb1 said:

Texas continues to "touch up" history.


1 minute ago, Chairslinger said:

Sadly, I knew there was something wrong with your title because teaching accurate information in Texas just didn't seem right.




Before, they learned that slavery was a factor after states' rights and sectionalism. Now they'll be taught it was central (ex: just about every state mentioned slavery and white supremacy as reasons for seceding) to the war.

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25 minutes ago, Spawn_of_Apathy said:

Maybe it is faulty memory, maybe it was my mind drawing logical conclusions, but I always remember slavery being central to the civil war and I have only gone to school in Texas. 




I’m sure there were good teachers who taught the truth. The issue has been what the education board creates as standards, and those standards give textbook manufacturers direction on what and what not to include. I’ve definitely seen the effects of this false history of the civil war in conversations where well meanjng people recite the other reasons as equal or primary over slavery.

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