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Civilization VI - Information Thread, update: August 2020 update


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The second expansion to Civilization VI introduces an active planet where geology and climatology present unique new challenges. Chart a path to victory by developing new advanced technologies and engineering projects and negotiating with the global community in the World Congress on critical issues. The choices you make in the game will influence the world ecosystem and could impact the future of the entire planet. Natural disasters like floods, storms, and volcanoes can pillage or destroy your Improvements and Districts – but they may also refresh and enrich the lands after they pass.


Learn more about the creators' vision for Civilization VI: Gathering Storm: https://2kgam.es/CivVIGS


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     Was thinking about grabbing Civ6 for nintendo switch. Though cant imagine where I'd ever find a wifi connection strong enough to download that. Shouldn't be buying anything like that. But I know that's one hell of a time waster game. Actually, Civ3 test of time is one of my all time favorite games ever! Not that important now but those are some great games.

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Get a first look at the Mali civilization and its leader, Mansa Musa, one of nine new leaders in the Civilization VI: Gathering Storm expansion. SUBSCRIBE for First Looks at other civilizations, leaders, features and tips from the developers of Civilization VI: http://2kgam.es/CivilizationYT




Get a first look at the Swedish civilization and its leader, Kristina, one of nine new leaders in the Civilization VI: Gathering Storm expansion. SUBSCRIBE for First Looks at other civilizations, leaders, features and tips from the developers of Civilization VI: http://2kgam.es/CivilizationYT


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Let’s take a look at Civilization 6: Gathering Storm’s new climate and diplomacy systems (Polygon)

Civ games are all about building a great empire that can survive aggressive neighbors, technological revolutions and the expectations of citizens. In Civilization 6’s second major expansion, Gathering Storm, players also have to cope with droughts, floods, storms and rising seas.


It’s the little things that count in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, not the tornadoes (PCGamesN)

The best things about the expansion are not the headline features but the new civs, which push you to experiment


Fighting The Storm In Civilization VI's Next Expansion (Game Informer)

Your fight for global dominance pits you against Mother Nature.


Civ 6: Gathering Storm brings welcome drama to an increasingly busy 4X game (PC Gamer)

I started my journey through the history of civilisation adrift on the ocean. Gathering Storm’s Maori don’t begin a game of Civilization 6 like the other civs. Instead of my settler and warrior appearing right next to a prospective city site, they were in boats, floating in between the map’s chilly southern pole and the tip of the continent to the north. For maybe the first time in over 20 years, I wasn’t rushing to found my first city. 

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    Been watching this since the beginning but i'm not in the position to be buying video games as you all know! I love the series and will attest that I'm not very good at them either. i have never played one though not on a PC and I'm not in the position to build a new gaming PC either lol. I want this but have done well to not bite. i'll grab this at a much later point, I do have my laptop that can handle it, STOP GLENN! :drool:

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Gathering Storm is an ambitious expansion full of welcome additions, even if it does falter at the end. (PC Gamer - 81%)

Civilization 6: Gathering Storm bites off a lot, but it proves more than capable of juggling big concepts like climate change and global diplomacy. It turns them into coherent but still complex systems that you'll constantly be interacting with, even before you start noticing that the beaches are vanishing. The climax doesn't live up to the build-up, but Civilization 6 is still a richer game for all the expansion brings.


Civilization 6: Gathering Storm PC review – great civs redeem partial systems (PCGamesN - 70%)

The World Congress and climate change mirror real-life in that they're partly beyond your control. This makes them hard to factor into your schemes, but the new civs are among the best and most novel in the game.


Civilization 6: Gathering Storm offers too little, and costs too much (Polygon)

Gathering Storm is a useful evolution of Civilization 6. Firaxis has made smart choices in addressing global warming, diplomacy, and its own sagging late-game. But even when it’s all added together, I don’t believe it warrants a price tag of $40. As much as I love this game, and as much as I don’t expect to be loved back, I do expect to be at least respected.

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IGN - 85%

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm is a bursting-at-the-seams expansion that leaves few systems without substantial improvement and new content. Its new civs and leaders are distinctive and its natural disasters are meaningful without feeling as cruel and unfair as their real-life counterparts, though they are sometimes a tad too predictable. A new emphasis on tradable resources, both tangible goods and abstract favors, is a welcome change that brings a sense of accountability to the notoriously erratic AI rivals. This is likely where Civ VI’s expansions end, which is logical because it’s hard to imagine how Firaxis could cram much more into its frame.


TheSixthAxis - 90%

The astute Civ player can shape the history of their nation and craft a story for the ages with with pinpoint accuracy. The Gathering Storm enriches this experience by giving you more ways to add subtle realism to how the world evolves around you and how you can directly affect it. With so many new and returning features, it’s hard not to recommend this expansion to Civ fans, turning an already great game into one for the literal ages.


Gamespot - 90%

Gathering Storm is overall a great expansion, ushering in two significant new systems that work hand in hand to deepen the experience. The embellished diplomatic options extend the range of interactions with other leaders, allowing you to work cooperatively towards common goals or pull the strings to your advantage behind the scenes. While the introduction of climate change delivers new strategic choices whose consequences resonate ever-more-loudly as you advance throughout the eras. It isn't simply more Civ, it's a whole new way to play Civ.


COGConnected - 93%

That embodies the spirit of Gathering Storm – it’s more active. There are more choices to make and more consequences to worry about. Things that seem simple in one moment can spiral out to affect the game in startling ways. Civilization has always been a board game too complicated to play with cardboard and plastic pieces. Gathering Storm takes that complexity to new levels of simulation, but it is so well presented you never feel overwhelmed. I’m an easy mark for a new Civilization, but I have no fear in saying that Gathering Storm is one of the most creative and significant expansions a Civilization game has ever received.


Twinfinite - 100%

Put simply, Gathering Storm checks all the boxes of what a great expansion should be and is a must own for hardcore Civilization VI fans looking for a reason to spice things up in an incredibly positive way or get back into the game if they’ve been dormant.


CGMagazine - 80%

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm makes Civilization VI feel complete, thanks mostly to the great new civs and small quality of life improvements.



Even taking its whiffs and missed opportunities into account, I’ve still loved every hour I’ve spent with Gathering Storm. It’s an expansion that may not stick its landing, but which should still be applauded and admired for the way it sets out to change the very world we play on, and succeeds.


PC Invasion - 70%
Civilization VI: Gathering Storm has new leaders, wonders, and mechanics to freshen up your experience. Unfortunately, some of these features occur fairly late, or are non-factors in your playthroughs.

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Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Gathering Storm is a chunky collection of small remixes that amount to a big difference. All the same, I’m left feeling that the next Civ game, whatever it is, really needs a root and branch rethink rather than attempts to retroactively justify its existence through expensive expansion packs.

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