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Bill Maher attacks Stan Lee's Legacy

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By Bill Maher

The guy who created Spider-Man and the Hulk has died, and America is in mourning. Deep, deep mourning for a man who inspired millions to, I don’t know, watch a movie, I guess. Someone on Reddit posted, “I'm so incredibly grateful I lived in a world that included Stan Lee.” Personally, I’m grateful I lived in a world that included oxygen and trees, but to each his own. Now, I have nothing against comic books – I read them now and then when I was a kid and I was all out of Hardy Boys. But the assumption everyone had back then, both the adults and the kids, was that comics were for kids, and when you grew up you moved on to big-boy books without the pictures. 

But then twenty years or so ago, something happened – adults decided they didn’t have to give up kid stuff. And so they pretended comic books were actually sophisticated literature. And because America has over 4,500 colleges – which means we need more professors than we have smart people – some dumb people got to be professors by writing theses with titles like Otherness and Heterodoxy in the Silver Surfer. And now when adults are forced to do grown-up things like buy auto insurance, they call it “adulting,” and act like it’s some giant struggle. 

I’m not saying we’ve necessarily gotten stupider. The average Joe is smarter in a lot of ways than he was in, say, the 1940s, when a big night out was a Three Stooges short and a Carmen Miranda musical. The problem is, we’re using our smarts on stupid stuff. I don’t think it’s a huge stretch to suggest that Donald Trump could only get elected in a country that thinks comic books are important. 



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Maher’s initial blog post criticized American adults for taking comic books seriously and questioned the validity of Lee’s legacy.

In response, Lee’s company wrote, “Mr. Maher: Comic books, like all literature, are storytelling devices. When written well by great creators such as Stan Lee, they make us feel, make us think and teach us lessons that hopefully make us better human beings. One lesson Stan taught so many of us was tolerance and respect, and thanks to that message, we are grateful that we can say you have a right to your opinion that comics are childish and unsophisticated. Many said the same about Dickens, Steinbeck, Melville and even Shakespeare.”


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2 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:

Seems to be a criticism of people liking Comic Books in general rather than attack on Lee.


No, he's trying to be edgy at Lee's expense. You don't say "Burt Reynolds died, but who cares about actors, go read a book" unless you're looking for attention.

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Wow, what a moron. And I don't give two shits about comics, Stan Lee, or any of that. That's no excuse to be a huge cunt about it. The man made a huge impact and improved a lot of peoples' lives and taught them basic respect and tolerance, and advocated for it pretty strongly. Bill Maher here does the exact opposite.

Also was there no better video to link to than one with the words "NPC LOSER" in the title? Whoever uploaded that video is just as bad as Maher in this instance. It looks like that channel only likes Stan Lee so far as "I love comics!" and didn't get the message anymore than Maher. And it's just some asshole uploading some other asshole for further attention. It's a human centipede of shitty hot takes.

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2 hours ago, skillzdadirecta said:


John Oliver and Axios are both pretty good. Maher has been shit for a good long while.


I haven't seen Axios, but I've seen a couple episodes of Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas and it's pretty good. 


The format of Real Time is great, but they need a new, better host that isn't a shit eating edgelord past his prime. 

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1 hour ago, legend said:

I'm able to apply my intelligence to important topics and enjoy comics (or their movies moreso these days). If someone can't, maybe they're not so smart to start.

If our soon to be robotic overlord decrees that he can enjoy comics so should everybody else!








ps please don't disintegrate me when your robotic army takes over the world!

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