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Ocasio-Cortez Currently Backs Pelosi, ‘Most Progressive Candidate,’ For Speaker

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On one hand, I am not particularly fond of Pelosi.


On the other hand, I am extremely unimpressed by the arguments about empowering the conservative boogeyman message. The conservatives will demonize whoever the Dems raise to power. Trying to make leadership decisions based on that is like the movie troupe about, "he knows that I know that he knows that I know." Best just to ignore that aspect and choose who is going to be the most effective leader.


Like @skillzdadirecta said, this challenge isn't coming from the progressive side anyway, so why should Cortez back it?

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Really the only people I know in good/great financial shape around my age had their college paid for by their parents. They're the ones who own houses and (at least they've mentioned) they can save something. 


But I also have an engineering degree so my social circle is a bit skewed compared to an average college grad.

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It's hilarious to see how out of touch older people are. AOC has been great since she joined the Justice Democrats and The Young Turks have been giving her a lot of air time these past two years so I've been well aware of her for awhile now - I'm a big fan.


What's most telling about all of this is just how afraid of her conservatives are. I mean, she's a 29-year old freshman Congresswoman doing politics for the first time. Yet people have been trying to eviscerate her online from every angle. That kind of attention - AOC isn't going anywhere. 

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48 minutes ago, skillzdadirecta said:

She's the next female conservative boogey man. They'll do to her what they did to Hillary, Pelosi, Waters and Warren and people will eventually fall for it because of the latent misogyny rampant  in our society. AOC and Kamala Harris will get their turns to be conservative boogey women.


AOC is in a better position to fight back than the other women so I’m not worried about it.  

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57 minutes ago, RedSoxFan9 said:



@marioandsonic Remember when I said don't sweat it that you don't have that much money in savings and are closing in on 30? Listen to these people.






Nobody but a few people (many of whom don't get how little money most people have) have that much saved by 30. Don't sweat it. Keep saving, but don't sweat the unrealistic number.

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