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Bad "Feminist" Sheryl Sandberg is bad person

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File this in the I told you so file:


The newest piece did reveal one thing, however: the vital role its COO, Sheryl Sandberg, played in all of this. This is not the story, however, of the one woman bravely speaking truth to power. Nor is it the ethical influence a celebrated feminist leader had on a company concerned primarily with protecting its economic well being and that of its shareholders. Rather, Sandberg yelled at her employee, Facebook’s security chief, for daring to investigate these issues, and then tried to cover up all he had found. Sandberg also played a pivotal role in lobbying top lawmakers in Washington DC to limit unwanted regulation and scrutiny.



One, then, should look to Sandberg’s example and see what she actually used her influence for. From her position of power, Sandberg intimidated her employees into silence and wasn’t transparent with users about Russia’s part in the election of Trump, used her influence with politicians on both side of the aisle to avoid any much-needed regulation and oversight by the government, and slandered her critics as antisemites.



Feminism has become a kind of shield for powerful women to hide behind. Call yourself a feminist and Gloria Steinem will jump on a stage with you. Women’s media will shower you with praise. Feminist commentators will overlook your obvious dubious dealings in the past and defend you against savvier critics. Ivanka Trump called herself a feminist, and commentators assumed she would be the civilizing force of the White House. Santander bank chief Ana Botin’s announcement that she was a feminist was met mostly with credulity, despite her bank’s mass evictions throughout Spain that have caused untold amounts of suffering, illness and suicide.


Which is why those feminists who were so quick to embrace Sandberg should now publicly condemn her. If feminism wants to claim any interest in the safety and quality of life of women – a demographic that includes those who have become victims in the rise of rightwing terrorists, many of whom organized and were radicalized online – the most visible spokespeople for the movement must distance themselves from a woman who prioritized profits over ethics and her job over countless lives.


Because otherwise they will prove their critics right – critics who have argued that feminism has become more centered on the individual than the structural; become less interested in upending power imbalances than gaining the position of power and then using the imbalance to create profit; and failed to reckon with and overcome its racist, classist and heteronormative past.



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