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Expanse Season 3 is (finally) on Prime (or maybe not?)


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17 minutes ago, Wild said:



So I hit up Amazon chat, and they acknowledged the issue. To resolve it they added the season to my videos, and she said they would be looking into the matter.


Weird. But that's some good customer service.

It showed one episode for season 3 available for free download which was weird.

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Thanks for bumping this thread. I literally just finished watching season 3 (like literally 5 minutes ago). This. Show. Is. So. Good! I wish we had a date for season 4. I'm debating grabbing the books and reading them. I already have so much that I want to read. Anybody know if there's a clean point I can jump into the book series having watched the show?


I think the only bad thing about the show is the actor playing Holden. I think he's really wooden. But everyone else is awesome.

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