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[spoilers] CW crossover event Elseworlds starts Sunday Dec 9th!

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27 minutes ago, Jason said:

Will it matter if I haven't been keeping up on Arrow? I'm not completely unfamiliar with it but I've only seen the first four seasons.


The only show on CW I watch is The Flash, and every year when they cross over I find I don't miss much by not watching the others. I don't think this year will be much different, they usually do a good job of giving you the info you need. 

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  • Jason changed the title to [spoilers] CW crossover event Elseworlds starts Sunday Dec 9th!

I stopped watching the shows about 2 years ago and didn't watch last years crossover event.  I have watched the two episodes of this seasons crossover and enjoyed them for what they are.  Did like the 90's nod to the Flash.  Lots of little easter eggs as well.  

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10 minutes ago, Jason said:

No...I'm not even sure what you're reacting to.

Nobody said “Superman.” Flash made a reference to Kara’s super cousin, Clark did the “a friend” thing, Wells ended one sentence with “super,” paused, and then started his next sentence with “man,” etc. 


I’ve never watched Supergirl, so I was just curious if that show got cute by never referring to Clark as “Superman” and if that carried over to Elseworlds. 


Edit - I was also half asleep while I watched the episode so it is absolutely possible someone DID say “Superman” and I missed it. :p

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