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California wildfires: update - 71 dead, over 1,000 still missing, leveled more than 10,000 structures and burned 142,000 acres.

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Massive wildfires are tearing through parts of California, destroying hundreds buildings and forcing thousands of people from their homes.  An emergency evacuation order was issued for several neighborhoods west of Los Angeles as firefighters frantically fought back the Woolsey Fire. The Camp Fire in Northern California exploded in size Thursday, burning about 20,000 acres and overtaking the town of Paradise, where around 30,000 people were forced to evacuate at the last minute.

The fire in Paradise burned fast, reports CBS News' David Begnaud. At one point, the unrelenting flames burned about 2,000 acres per hour taking down everything – big box stores, homes, and businesses – in its path. Nearly 2,300 firefighters are battling the flames, but as of Friday morning, it was still zero percent contained.

Surrounded by walls of flames, people drove through hell trying to escape as their homes burned to the ground. Powerful winds caused the Camp Fire to spread quickly, filling the sky with toxic smoke that could be seen from San Francisco.

"We grabbed our animals and some food and some clothes and we're getting the heck out of here," one man said.


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Sky is completely hazed over here in Santa Monica and when the winds shift the right way it smells pretty strongly of the smoke. Lots of buildings (mine included) without air conditioning here so other than closing our windows not really a ton we can do to filter out the smoke. 

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25 minutes ago, Spawn_of_Apathy said:

I kind of feel a little less empathy towards her because she seems to be spending a good deal of metal attention to ensuring her phone camera is capturing everything while she should be 100% focused on driving in treacherous conditions. That's a dumb idea in good driving conditions. 

But how are you suppose to get internet famous by making sure you are safe?

People need to leave the reporting in these situations to the reporters. 

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10 minutes ago, Jose said:


Lol that seems so fake.

This happens during massive snowstorms here on the East Coast constantly. Not that it's the same thing, but similarly dense to a lesser degree. 


Someone I know works in retail and a snow storm last year was so fucking bad, even the subways in NYC were barely running. He received a similar message about team spirit and how their branch will be open tomorrow and any absence will be written up.


On topic: I lived in CA for a year for work and this type of shit scared me to death. One of my co-workers vacation home he poured all his life's savings into went to a fire while I was working there. Maybe subconsciously this made me gtfo as quickly as possible and high-tail it back to the land of bagels and shitty winters. 

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