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House of Cards season 6 is now available on Netflix!!

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13 hours ago, elbobo said:

I'm 6 episodes in an have no clue what 50% of the character's motivations are at this point, everyone is like a double agent except they are in it for themselves... maybe. It is just a mess. 2 more episodes and it will all be over. 


Is there really no connective tissue in terms of story between season 5 and 6? Cause that's what you're making it sound like. :p

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I think there may have been before the Spacey ordeal but after they had to completely rewrite the season it makes absolutely no sense. There are references to things that happened but there is also a lot of reseting. For example Doug is back in the white house by episode 3, he confessed to murder at the end of last season. There are a lot of other returning characters who are in different roles or are just doing weird things.


The biggest problem is the Sheperd's who are the antagonists of the season, they are billionaire power brokers. Claire apparently was best friends with Annette Sheperd growing up and they have years and years of history and the Sheperds completely run DC at the start of the season with massive influence over seemingly everyone but the first episode of the season is literally the first time they are ever mentioned in the series. It would be like playing a 20 hour videogame and not have them mention the final boss until you get to the last level. 

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