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Path of Exile coming to


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4 minutes ago, number305 said:

I'm not near hard core enough for this game.  I played if for about 30 min on X1X.  When I first saw that skill tree... I just gave up.  For those that love digging into that stuff this game is probably fantastic.


Have you ever played FFX? The skill tree is basically just like the sphere grid. You spec up in the direction you want to go and have fun!

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Path of Exile is actually pretty fun, but it's all about the seasons and the end-game, and I just don't have the time or willpower to keep re-playing the game over and over. Plus it's long as shit so I never even got to the "end game".


The skill tree is gigantic, but it's really because all of the character classes share the same grid, and a lot of the same abilities are duplicated across it. Best thing to do for that is google the type of playstyle you want and find a build to match it. There's a bajillion of them out there.

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