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Deltarune (From the creator of Undertale) - Information Thread (Update: September 2020 Progress Report)


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Undertale remains one of my favorite games of the past 10 years. Despite its simple graphics and unassuming premise, it hides a surprisingly deep, emotional tale and well developed characters. 


So imagine my surprise when Toby Fox releases with little fanfare “survey_program.exe” on Oct 31st. It was completely free and only suggested that you play it if you have completed Undertale. 


This program turned out to be Chapter 1 of a new game called Deltarune. 


I don’t want to spoil too much about the game itself but suffice it to say there are a LOT of similarities to Undertale in terms of setting, characters and themes. Yet it is decidedly different as well. The full demo takes about 2 hours to complete and ends with a cliffhanger that leaves you eager for more. 


This is where the sad part comes. Toby Fox (the designer) is adamant that the rest of the game is “years away”. He answers that and other questions in a Q&A post about his thoughts on the game.


Essentially, he released this demo with hopes to assemble a team to accelerate work on it. I hope he can do that because I loved what I played. 


Did anybody else get a chance to run through it last week?

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This picture makes me happy. :) 


I really loved the concept of Undertale and played through it multiple times since one playthrough is just a few hours. I loved how the game reacted not just to your runthrough, but how you played it a second time and third time.


The gameplay was the simplest kind of bullet hell, but it was good enough that it was never a chore playing.


I was also heartened to see many mlddle schoolers joining my stream when I played this game. I didn't know there was a young following to Undertale! There was even some kid who said, "If some people got past the graphics, they'd see it's actually a really good game!" which was great to hear.

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Chapter 2 has been out for a few weeks now.


It is great - better than Chapter 1 in both a technical and creative sense. The art and animations are subtly better, the music is top tier, and the polish and UX is greatly improved.


It's now possible to see how a full game with a theme of "your choices don't matter" will work. Much more so than Chapter 1.


And the alternative route is also great, although probably designed to watch on YouTube instead of playing, but makes the main route better by association.


The remaining chapters are now my most anticipated game.

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