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I got my Red Hydrogen One phone...lulz abound

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Basically all the reviews of this as a phone are right. It’s bulky, the screen is subpar, the 3D effect is scketchy, and the audio from the phone itself is atrocious.


But it’s kinda fun? The 3D for photos is pretty lame IMO, but it works decent for video. They have some test clips of Ready Player One and Fantastic Beasts that look pretty good. The big issue is still ghosting and a relatively dim screen compared to 2D.


I dunno, I ordered it mere minutes after it went up for pre-order and then stopped paying attention the last year and a half. I got an email a couple of weeks ago our if the blue from Jim Jannard himself saying the titanium model I ordered was even more delayed, so they sent a free aluminum version to keep and the titanium model will come later. One of the best things about Red is how they try and do right by customers, and that was quite the gesture.


Honestly, I’m very skeptical that the titanium model will ever be made, I’m skeptical that the modules will ever be made, and I’m unsure of whether Red will even make a second generation phone.

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1 hour ago, TwinIon said:

So, you're going to keep it? It sounds like a complete disaster all around.

This one was free for the delay, so I’ll sell the Titanium model to a Red fanboy whenever it finally comes.


But I’m definitely not using it as my primary phone. As I’ve spent more time with it, I actually do like the camera quite a bit and the app is supposed to get a “pro” version in a week or so. They are also planning future color science updates, so I expect some of the core functionality to improve quite a bit.


They had a pretty big update today that improved the image quality of the 3D video and still playback, so it’s pretty obvious this thing is still more or less in beta.

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