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So now, like a number of people, I've bought RDR2. However, it now means I'll barely get to play my PS4.


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The downside of a relationship where you both enjoy games but have the one main games console.  As it's getting colder however, along with watching more new TV series/movies, reading more and working on some additional qualifications, it's always this time of the year when I'll return back to gaming after a vague summer hiatus. 


So as I'll not be playing on the PS4 (and I'm quite OK with this), I thought I'd dip into some of my older consoles and either finish off some games or buy some new ones.  


I've mentioned a few times in passing, but I've returned back to Breath of the Wild to dig out some more Shrines, upgrade some essentials and get better equipment so I can storm Ganon's castle and have a delightful time.  I've also had Pikmin 3 staring at me and I know that I've only got a few hours left, but it's hard returning to a game after 3 years. 


I did however decide that I'd pick up one or two 360 games that I was interested in, but never played back in the day.  So for the princely sum of £5.50, I bought Gears of War: Judgement and Halo CE: Anniversary.  Just playing through Halo and whilst the overarching game does feel a bit dated (in the fact that it does take the occasional bit of wandering back to the start of the 'area' to find my bearings, to know where to go next) the art style is gorgeous and looks very striking, both 8 years after release and 18 years respectively.  


I haven't opened Judgement but I just love Gears as a franchise so regardless of whether it feels like a rehash, I'll just enjoy shooting Grubs.


There's also the temptation to either restart Dark Souls, or more likely make my way through the depths area (with those twatty curse frogs) and see if I can give it a go.  Then I can start to wonder how I can complete the somewhat severe PS4 backlog that I have when I have about 5 hours of spare time a week.

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