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Happy Death Day discussion


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I caught this a couple nights ago and it's pretty awesome. It knows what it is, gives you a main character you want to see die, then turns her into someone you want to see live without blatantly stealing from Groundhog Day (at least that part). It's very, very funny at times, akin to something like Tucker and Dale vs Evil. It's a fun watch if you're looking for something to liven up a night of otherwise serious horror films.


A sequel is coming, but the trailer isn't online yet (it's playing before Halloween).

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14 minutes ago, DarkStar189 said:

My wife and I got a kick out of it. Maybe a tiny spoiler...

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shortly after it started I was like hmm I wouldnt trust THAT person, and by the end I was right. Felt good.



Ahahaha - I seriously said basically the same thing to my fiancé at the beginning! :lol: 

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