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Anyone here have Nvidia Max-Q in a laptop?

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I did a lot of research as I was ready for a gaming laptop,  I had a budget Asus with a GTX 960M that served me well but it was just time for something good (finally sold my old house).

I went with the Gigabyte Aero 15X V8-BK4 (Intel i7-8750H, GTX 1070 ) and one thing I'm struggling with is that Geforce Experience doesn't seem to function and I was wondering if that is the norm?  I know I shouldn't rely on an app to optimize my games but I'm a little lazy with it and it's a nice feature.  One this machine even though I've updated drivers GFE just says it can't find settings for any games even though I've run them several times..


Not a big deal as everything runs and looks amazing on it, but it would be nice if I could fix that.

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I have a similar difficulty issue with a G5 I bought my daughter that has a 1060 Max Q chip.  I cannot get the NVidia Control Panel to install or launch at all.  Is that still a thing anymore?  I've tried new drivers and old drivers and I sometimes get the icon but it doesn't launch.  


Isn't the NVIDIA control panel the only way I can force games to use the discrete GPU?

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