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McGahn out as White House Counsel

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6 minutes ago, Chairslinger said:

McGahn leaving seems like another tipoff that Republicans sense Trump's usefulness(if not his presidency) coming to an end soon.


He filled his pockets with judicial appointees and is getting the hell out of Dodge with as little legal culpability as possible(which still seems pretty high).

I've seen this question asked a couple times, now that the SC seats are filled, what use does the GOP have for Trump now?  I've already seen McConnell say hes not going to support any of their entitlement cuts, and said that will require a different president, while in the meantime hes proving to be fundraising gold for dems while looking to be a massive liability in house elections, and tipping senate seats that should be fairly safe into toss up territory to the point where the GOP could gain 3-4 seats or lose 4-5.

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1 hour ago, b_m_b_m_b_m said:

He's massively, massively popular with his (read: their) base of voters so if they turn on Trump, the voters will turn on them. This is what is keeping (some of) these people in line. The Jeff flakes of the world, while unencumbered by electoral politics in the near future are just being cucked.


Yeah but will they really turn on the party? These people have gone from GOP to Tea Party to Trumpites in a matter of years, and they will likely jump on the next bandwagon, too.

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