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Is there a setting to hide the "prefix" things on threads?


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I know it's personal preference, but I don't like the way they are a distracting blend of colors, and it makes it hard to quickly scan headlines because they are all different lengths. The Entertainmet board also has so many stickies that the actual threads are below the fold, and the prefix tags slow down how quickly I can tell the m apart (the pins are so bland and the variation between sticky thread and regular thread is otherwise unnoticeable.)


Is there a way to turn the prefix tags off at the user level or am I going to have to figure out some sort of adblocker filter?

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Yea, I get what you were going for, just not for me. Not sure I really needed a "movie" versus "TV" tag on Entertainment, ya know? I'll see if I can figure out a filter or custom CSS script something. Thanks!

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