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Supreme Court Makes It Harder for Tribal North Dakotans to Vote

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The order could hurt the reelection chances of Heidi Heitkamp, the most vulnerable Democratic senator.



Ginsburg noted that according to the factual record of the case, about 20 percent of voters likely to try to cast a ballot in the midterms will lack the required identification. Another “approximately18,000 North Dakota residents also lack supplemental documentation sufficient to permit them to vote without a qualifying ID,” she noted.


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It actually sounds like the case for ID in North Dakota is better than in some places (no voter registration). Not that I agree, but it is a stronger case than others. The issue in this case is that they are demanding a local civic address be on your ID, not a mailing address. So this specifically targets these indigenous people.


In my province you also have to show your civic address, but they changed all of our ID to civic address years ago to prepare for this. As well, you can use your voter ID sheet/card that everyone gets in their mailbox along with other documents in case you don't have a license/photo ID. And I think others can vouch for you as a guarantor. Also you don't need to pre-register, as everyone is registered when they file taxes, and you can register at the polls if you are missed.


But yeah, this case is clearly targeting Democratic voters, and SCOTUS knows it. Prepare your anuses for many more cases like this in the next decade!

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