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PAPRIUM back from the near dead October 27th ( New Genesis Game )


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I saw Watermelon's Magical Game Factory has posted an event in Paris this month. It is in french and a little cryptic. It looks like it will be the games release party. So if you pre-ordered the game check it out. I still need to preorder the game. It looks like preorders are back up. I need to pick this up. They have been silent for over a year on this game.


Here is the game I'm talking about.




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I think some of you pre-ordered this one. I was excited for it. Here is a two part video on the development. Part 2 dropped a couple of hours ago. going to watch soon.





Edit: This is turning out to be an interesting story as it unfolds, Now waiting for part 3.

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I own Paprium, lol.



I ordered it a few years before it actually shipped out, and before the price got increased a bunch. I actually still have yet to open my copy, lol - I'm hoping that someday, someone figures out how to get it working in an emulator. I may someday decide to just go ahead and open it, lol.

Hopefully my copy isn't one of those defective cartridges with the chips falling off the PCB. oof

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