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The digital version of Terraforming Mars is releasing on October 17!


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I've been following this for months and today first time I've seen an actual release date, so I'm pretty stoked. Who else is getting it? I know a bunch of people who play who I imagine will buy this, so if you're worried about having people to play with (no idea if they'll have matchmaking) I should have that covered. 

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This release is a goddamn clusterfuck. My very first game against AI I got all the way to generation 8 and then had to abandon it because the AI would just not pass its turn. And now two friends and I had to abort a game--after a fourth person had to bail because of getting an "you must be online" error despite being online--because I getting shown that it was one of their turns when they were being shown it was mine. Initially quitting and rejoining would resolve it but when we aborted rejoining was just hanging and not going anywhere.


I'd do the Steam refund but of course the extent of the problems didn't become clear until after two hours. :/

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9 minutes ago, TwinIon said:

That's a bummer. I saw this thread pop up and was ready to go over and buy it, but it sounds like I should wait.


The online game I played later in the day went a lot more smoothly but one of the other players said his corporation's ability wasn't triggering properly, I think it was the Saturn Systems ability relating to Jovian tags coming into play. But someone else said that same ability had been working fine earlier in the day for him.


I'd definitely wait for this to get ironed out a bit, this seems like a classic case of something that should have been left in the oven a little longer but instead they're using us as paid beta testers.

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