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I don't like mechanical keyboards, but long live low-profile mechanical keyboards!


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Sometime ago I bought a mechanical keyboard. I really didn't like it. I constantly made a lot of mistakes on it hitting keys I didn't intended. This persisted even after using it for quite some time. I was better on my friggin ipad keyboard of all things! It's possible it was just the keyboard I got, but I felt the same whenever I tried other people's mechanical keyboards.


The more I thought about it, the more I decided the fundamental issue is that the keys on mechanical keyboards were just too tall with too much depression distance. It requires you to pick up your fingers far too far as you move them to another key.


Other keyboards I did well on, including the ridiculous ipad keyboard, had very low-profile keys. So that got me thinking, are there low-profile mechanical keyboards?


It turned out the answer was yes, but really only starting with this year and there are not many. But I promptly bought this keyboard, which is actually pretty cheap to:





And I have to say, having used it for a while now (I got one for my work computer and gaming, with the gaming one being the 10-key-less for more mouse space), I think it's my favorite keyboard ever. Gone are the bizarre kind of errors I would make on my other keyboard, but you're still left with a very satisfying feeling when you press the key.


I know other people had similar problems with making lots of mistakes on mechanical keyboards, so if you're one of them, I highly recommend trying out one of these new low-profile keyboards. They really seem to strike the best balance of everything out there.

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14 minutes ago, Nokt said:

Have no opinion on low profile mechanical keyboards, but I've seen this floating around the internet from time to time if you are looking into getting one.



Could be a good one too. Looks like it's a different switch than the one I have. (Mine uses the Kailh low-profile switches, that one uses Kaihua Choc).

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14 minutes ago, Xbob42 said:

Cause you scrape 'em off!




If I for some reason was forced to use heels, I absolutely would rip that shit off by any means necessary!


4 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:

You have a long way to go if you want to achieve the typing power of the Ghost in the Shell robots.




What do you know, his keyboard is low profile :p 

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I actually like the Apple full-sized aluminum keyboard and use one with my gaming computer. I have the left-cmd key remapped from left-windows to left-ctrl both to avoid accidentally windows-keying myself out of games and because, honestly, the fact that left-ctrl is the default crouch key in so many games paired with the location of the key is so fucking dumb. Just to the left of the spacebar is SOOOO much more natural a place for a crouch key (and it frees up the pinky to use for something else via left-shift).

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I used this for like 5+ years



And now I have a mechanical keyboard for 2-3 years, and I too haven't really gotten use to it, but I no longer really make many mistakes. I didn't even know low profile was a thing. The next keyboard I get will definitely be low profile. I do like the flat keys. Smother typing. The only thing is that I definitely need media controls on my keyboard. I'll never go without them.

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