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Alert: Windows 10 October update may be deleting files

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  • 3 weeks later...

Microsoft needs to get their shit together with Windows 10. 


I just came across a performance killing bug that's been bothering me for the last two months.  I was about ready to buy a new CPU and mobo because I was having odd stuttering in my games, framerate was crap, and CPU usage was pretty high.  Turns out if you have the Windows Update option to download via P2P - either over the Internet OR over your local network (your machines that have already downloaded the update can share those files locally) - it was causing the runtime broker process to randomly spike in CPU usage.  Now I didn't really notice a performance hit under desktop use, but it was noticeable in gaming in either overall shitty framerates or random, short duration drops (particularly when the scene changed rapidly).



What also bugs me about 10 is the settings menus.  They need to consolidate that shit and have these settings in places that make sense.  Some shit is under the control panel, some shit is under the new settings menu, and what you think might be in a certain place is not there.  There are also too many sub-trees and you click through too many menus to find a page that has one setting that you need to change.  No, fuck that, put that one setting along with every other related setting on one fucking menu page.

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