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The Mandalorian OT - This is the Way; update: Season 2 out now!

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i think it would actually be good for them to spend some time away from Grogu (for the plot). not even saying it has to be a whole season either. let him be off with Luke for a little bit and then Din has to go get him for whatever reason towards the end of the season. 

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Gina Carano's ousting from Disney and Lucasfilm is still a hot subject within the Star Wars fandom months after the incident took place and while people are hopeful that Carano and her former employer will somehow be able to patch things up, it's looking quite doubtful that they will be able to make amends anytime soon especially with the way the firing was...


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Wait a minute. 



However, a new rumor from YouTube user Overlord DVD claims that Gina is currently in talks with Disney to make her return to the Star Wars franchise ahead of the production start for The Mandalorian Season 3 which was originally slated to begin filming in April.




This is bullshit. 

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I still think it’s a bad idea to fire people for tweeting dumb ideas. We elevate the importance of social media when we do. And it’s important to distinguish between abusive and inflammatory content and plain old dumb takes like the genesis of Holocaust being equal to treating your neighbor poorly because of political differences.


Can’t imagine Carano getting back in the good graces of Disney though because she clearly values spreading her opinions more than the job. Disney wants uncontroversial stars associated with their brand. It’s always about the brand

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