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Won’t You Be My Neighbor? is a wonderful movie

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At 99% on Rotten Tomatoes this is the best reviewed movie of the summer. This movie was getting a lot of hype while on the festival circuit and after seeing it last week I can gladly confirm this documentary lives up to the hype.



I say this with no exaggeration that it was one of the most profound movies I’ve seen in a while. I cried many times even though nothing particularly sad happens, but also felt lifted up at the same time. I walked out wanting to be a better person, and over a week later that feeling has stuck with me.


With all of the negativity in the world these days there is something powerful about seeing an uncommonly decent man do the right thing for decency sake and succeed because of it. Even if you typically don’t catch documentaries in a theater, this is absolutely a must see.

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These "artsy" movies are always hard to see. There are in town for just a few days and if I miss it, its a half hour drive to find another theater showing it.

Definitely going to make the trip for this though. I've been looking really forward to this.

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