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No Microsoft or Sony subpage?


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We had a pretty active group in the Xbox page. Was nice to keep some of the chatter separate :)

That and I doubt the general forum cared about Gold titles and deals of the month and the Backward compatibility updates.

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I am 100% for the consolidated boards. The individual ones looked like they moved too slowly, whereas a consolidated one was great to easily keep track of news for all consoles + PC.


Even as someone who doesn't own a One, I enjoyed posting news about the One and prefer the way it is now. :p 

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24 minutes ago, Emblazon said:


It really changes the way one uses the boards. Makes it really quick and easy to find content, too.

Yes and no...see next response below. 

21 minutes ago, SFLUFAN said:

We've implemented a more elegant solution for a forum that simply does not have sufficient traffic to warrant the multiplicity of sub-boards we had before.



I can understand that, but can we at least have a pined topic for each of type of topics found in each forum? So in general gaming if you just wanted to see Nintendo threads you could click on that, same with Sony and what have you. Now I realize that won't be hard for that main forum because there will be plenty of threads for each system, but like the entertainment forum, there may not be a book thread or a comic thread or a wrestling thread every day and you may have to dig back several days to find one, whereas if we have a pinned one of each type we could pull up just those types of threads. Does that make sense? 

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1 minute ago, Bacon said:

Looking good guys. This fresh start is really bringing some good shit.


Thanks. The one thing I'm not sure we can get right is having a separate picker for Entertainment and Videogames, which means having the single picker where the Entertainment and Videogames categories are intermingled and colors will be repeated since it's two separate sets of categories being smashed together. 

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