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Destiny2: Beyond Light Fire Team Draft is now in effect...American Flag Usa GIF by US National Archives


    Need casual gamers to form a by weekly Destiny 2: Beyond Light team with. I'm loving the game since shadow keep was free on Game pass and I was able to move my very old PS4 game save over without issues. I'm about done with Shadow keep and I' all in on Beyond Light. Anyone super into D@ and looking to run with a few who don't know every damn cliff, canyon, jump platform, etc. and just want to team these actives and leave NO MAN behind? I need this, I desperately want to beat these raid with a fun laughing for or at fire team. If you have to take off at warm speed just to be there first and can kill everything on your own, your probably looking for a different kind of group no insult intended. We will need to teach each other, learn weapon perks etc., and stay and watch to make it sure we all make it to that glorious end we crave? LETS DO THIs GUY, I'M excited...


1. HardAct








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