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Commanders Hire Chiefs' Eric Bieniemy as OC


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58 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:

You should know that some NFL teams just don't like hiring a black guy as head coach.

But big brain theory is Rivera gets fired mid season and Bieniemy gets promoted as head coach. 🤔

There have been multiple Black head coaches hired since Bienemy became a hot HC prospect. He even interviewed for jobs that other Black HCs with lesser track records ended up getting.

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2 hours ago, sblfilms said:

I was talking about this with my buddies and I’m left to believe EB is either not interested in being the HC, or he is an absolutely atrocious interviewer.


I mean, Klifford got an NFL HC job just on hot guy vibes!

The perception around the league is Reid is the brains. Reid also takes all the credit for the offensive success and media gives it all to Mahomes. Maybe his interviews don’t help break this stigma. It’s bizarre to me that someone like McDaniels can get two HC jobs when he has been absolute shit without Brady and Belichick. 

I think it’s good for EB to get out of his shadow and show that he is a good offensive mind.   I hope he does well. 

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