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The 2022-23 Mock Gambling Thread - FINAL!


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########## SUPER BOWL LVII RESULTS ##########

Kansas City Chiefs (+1.5) @ Philadelphia Eagles
Kansas City makes a second half comeback to win Super Bowl LVII by a score of 39(38+1.5)-35 over the Philadelphia Eagles.  Bets on the Chiefs win.


1) What will be the first scoring play of the Feature Game? Chiefs TD, Chiefs FG, Chiefs safety, Eagles TD, Eagles FG, Eagles safety, or other? ($2,500 for the correct call)
What would become a familiar sight throughout the game, Jalen Hurts scores on the QB keeper for a touchdown in the first quarter for the first score of the game. Keyser_Soze and Slug were the only players to get this one right.


2) Which will be the highest scoring quarter of the Super Bowl? ($2,500 for the right quarter)
By virtue of a 2 point conversion, the 4th quarter saw 25 points put on the board to be the highest scoring. AbsolutSurgen was the only player to guess this one correctly.


3) Will there be any missed field goals or PATs during the game? ($2,000 for the right answer)


4) How many total sacks will be taken, across both teams? ($5,000 for the correct number)
2 sacks were taken in the game, both by Philly. Nobody got this one.


5) What will the combined score be at the end of each quarter?  Give us 4 scores, corresponding in order to the four quarters. You will win the Q5 cash for EACH correct answer. See my example answer below if you are confused. ($10,000 per correct score)
14, 38, 48, 73 - If you got these you got money.


######### FINAL LEADERBOARD #########

@AbsolutSurgen - $234,500
@Biggie - $96,200
Slug - $27,500
@Brian - $7,700
@BasemntDweller2 - $7,600
@Kal-El814 - $5,500
@Dodger - $4,600
@Keyser_Soze - $2,500
@silentbob - $2,500
@Commissar SFLUFAN - $0
@thewhyteboar - $0


If you think I mathed wrong, let me know.


########## THE SEASON #########
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10 (BYE)
Week 11
Week 12
Week 13
Week 14
Week 15 - BYE
Week 16
Week 17
Week 18



As the dust settles on the 2022-23 MGT season, it's AbsolutSurgen who comes out on top after a big late season push saw him overtake all other challengers for the crown!  Congratulations to him and grats to all players for a well fought season!


I hope everyone had a good time this year and that the MGT gave you another reason to enjoy the games and maybe follow ones you normally wouldn't have over the course of the season.  Have a great off-season, draft and training camps everyone!


@AbsolutSurgen - PM me to coordinate delivery of your prize. :)



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Thank you as always Slug.


This might sound like a cop-out but I actually didn't want to win. I thought back to back wins would be a bit awkward but luckily Absolut won and he earned it with his always pick Chiefs strat.


I also wanted to pick the Chiefs in the last game but obviously I had to pick the opposite of him.

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4 hours ago, Biggie said:

Thanks for doing this @Slug


2 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:

Thank you as always Slug.


No problem.  Always happy to do it.  Though I might be thinking of doing something different for next season.  We'll see.

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6 minutes ago, AbsolutSurgen said:

If you do this format again, there needs to be a way for you to submit picks that you aren't at a disadvantage -- you always picking first is not fair for you.


I appreciate that, but I'm not trying to win my own contest.  I think any advantage I have by picking first is offset by the fact that I set the lines and choose the questions. In any case my fun is in running it.  :P

I have a few rules to ensure I don't win as well.  OK, well 1 rule ensures I don't win, the others just make it very difficult).  Always go all in for Washington whenever they're the featured game no matter how ridiculous, always bet against Dallas if they're in the feature game no matter how ridiculous, always pick Washington RB1 and WR1 for Question 8 no matter how ridiculous, and if I'm ever in 1st place come Super Bowl week then I bet it all on a draw.


Next season I might think of something different.  Or maybe I'll see if someone else wants to run it, I'll just still put up the prize.  We'll figure something out. :D

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5 hours ago, Slug said:

Next season I might think of something different.  Or maybe I'll see if someone else wants to run it, I'll just still put up the prize.  We'll figure something out. :D


I think I have my hands full with the regular threads but you know I have the chops ever since that mock mock gambling thread I made. :p

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