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Sea of Thieves OT - A Pirate's Life, update: "The Legend of Monkey Island" Announcement Trailer (20 July 2023)

The def star

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Did the Skeletons thrones last night with @Emblazon and @kittykat. Man it's weird how such a simple task can become an adventure especially when dealing with other online players.


We had to find another crew to help us find and sit on the thrones but had no luck. The first sloop we approached to help us was out at sea. It looked like he was all for cooperating. When we got to the island to search for the Throne, Kitty Kat and Emblazon went on the island while I stayed on the boat to look out for other pirates, the ship we thought was gonna help us out start shooting cannon at our galleon. I didn't realize it was him that was sinking us as I went down to the bright to repair our boat. Then he boarded the boat and started slashing at me yelling "arrrrg". Our boat sank so we spawned elsewhere to look try again to find a friendly crew to help us.


The second sloop we found was in the middle of digging up some treatsure. We slowly rolled right next to them using our megaphone stating our intentions and they freaked out and booked it. We had the winds at our back so we caught up quick and we yelled at them that we don't want to loot them but they just kept sailing away :lol: so we just let them go.


We switched servers and found a sloop out in the distance. As we tried to sail towards it we get attacked by the Kraken. This would be the second time we gotten attacked by the Kraken in the span of 1 hour or so. The sloop just sailed around us watching the Kraken tear up our ship. We managed to get away but then a storm fell right on top of us. We were running low on planks and felt the game really didn't want us to complete this event. We managed to find our way out of the storm and as the sun came out we see the sloop anchored at a sunken ship. Me and Kitty Kat hop on their sloop with treasure. We see one of the players AFK. Kitty Kat waves at Kim and I'm just jumping around with the treasure in hand to show that we are friendly. He comes back to and he thinks we want his loot. We explain that we want thrones and they agree to help us. In return we would give them a mauraders and captains chest for their services. 


As we pull up to a nearby Outpost so they can turn in their loot before we head off for the Thrones another galleon apporached us. We try to communicate to the that we are friendly and are on our way to do the weekly event. Well they fired their cannons at us so it was on like Donkey Kong. They had no chance against us and the sloop working together. We fired away and did a good amount of damage to them. So they retreated. We continued with offloading our loot and they decided to come back for seconds. But once docked it was an all out battle for the island. We killed most of them and suck their ship. They spawned back and we left stranded at the Outpost with no ship. It didn't have to come down to this if they hadn't fired on us :lol:


Well after a total of 4 hours we completed the weekly event. I had a blast and working with another crew is definitely the best aspect of it. Nothing like sailing with like minded pirates. Here are some picks of our adventure.








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That was crazy fun. One of the not-kids on the Galleon that attacked us brought the crying chest on our boat. Could have been to sink us, could have been as a gesture. I didn't kill him, but you guys decided to, so I was like oh well.:lol:


I just wanted that chest off our ship as soon as possible. And we gifted it to the other crew, too. 

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6 hours ago, The def star said:

July 31st is the release of Sea of Thieves next big release after the Hungering Deep. This is gonna be bigger than the Hungering Deep by adding new game mechanics and skeleton ships to fight!




Anyone want to join us on this adventure? @SFLUFAN @Mr.Vic20 

I really didn't enjoy this game! Also, and probably more importantly, I hasv e no time until after August 20th of this year! :cry:

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Cursed Sails is out! This is one of the bigger updates for the game that adds more cosmetics, a new story mission, ai skeleton ships to fight and a new boat!






New hair styles



New ship and sails



Bone Crusher equipment



Hunter Equipment



Campaign cosmetics





Legendary cosmetics






I plan on playing all weekend long. Anyone want to join me and @Emblazon as we hung down skeleton ships?




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6 hours ago, skillzdadirecta said:

This game any good?

If you want to a play pirate game where you hunt for buried treasure, fight skeleton pirates, deliver lost sunken cargo and fight off other pirates from stealing your loot it's a fun game. Also you must enjoy working together sailing and making chit chat. Its not always all action and a lot of what makes the game great is just taking in the beauty of the sea. The game isn't for everyone but if you play with people you enjoy talking to you can lose a lot of tine to this game.

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1 hour ago, The def star said:

Man those skeleton ships are ruthless :s I suppose it didn't help that we had a Megaladon tailing us @Emblazon :angry: Now I see why they adding alliances. We gonna need a bigger boa...errr a lot more boats :lol:


@Triage I'm sorry you got motion sickness from the boat rocking around. Hopefully playing on a smaller screen will help.

It doesn't help I feel not well today to begin with. I missed all the fun!

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9 hours ago, The def star said:

Man it felt good to get back to sailing, those 3 hours went by fast :lol: There a lot more to do and more to work towards. Really want to get those gold cannons for the ship. Now we just need pets and be able to name our ship! This was a great update.

I honestly felt a bit overwhelmed. I'm still salty about the Cursed ship sinking us. :lol:

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  • Commissar SFLUFAN changed the title to Sea of Thieves OT - A Pirate's Life, update: "The Legend of Monkey Island" Announcement Trailer (20 July 2023)

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