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Sony TGS line-up


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Project Awakening



Big Hero 6 in Kingdom Hearts trailer

Kingdom Hearts VR Experience

FF Crystal Chronicles HD

Monkey King: Hero Is Back (part of their China Project)

Days Gone

God Eater 3

Black Ops 4


Ghost of Tsushima

Death Stranding

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Dead or Alive 6

Samurai Showdown

Judge Eyes


Left Alive

Gungrave Core

Red Dead Redemption 2

Code Vein

Ace Combat VR

Astro Bot VR (Sony Japan)

Deracine VR (Sony Japan/From)

Final Assault

Deemo VR

Space Channel 5 VR

Everybody's Golf VR


I'll try to get trailers as they appear.

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1 minute ago, AndrewDean84 said:



I forgot that Days Gone was a thing. Man, that game just seems so forgettable. 


To the point that you come into every thread that mentions the game to talk about how you supposedly forgot about it. :thinking:


I feel like you're just doing classic Dean trolling at this point.

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32 minutes ago, crispy4000 said:

Metal Gear Survive was forgettable.  I think Days Gone has plenty of potential.


Yeah I'm really looking forward to Days Gone and I'm all OVER Samurai Spirits... Samurai Showdown was one of my all time favorite fighting game series. I spent so much time in the arcades playing the first two games :daydream:  Side question though... With the next gen coming in the next two years or so does it make sense to get a PSVR at this point? 

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