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What do you guys use to clean your mice?


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I was looking through a box of PC stuff and found my Logitech mx518 wired mouse.  It still works, but the rubber coating hasn't aged well and has gone sticky.  I've tried cleaning these rubberized surfaces before, but it never worked well.  The coating usually ended up destroyed.  Do you guys have any recommendations on cleaning mice?  Water or maybe alcohol?


I actually should have two more of those mice I picked up at garage sales and are probably in a similar condition.  It would be nice to clean these up to have some spares on hand.

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I didn't try it on a mouse but WD40 works for cleaning rubber and plastic that get sticky like that. Don't spray it directly on the mouse and you may wish to do it outside since you may need to use a generous amount. When I tried it, it was on black plastic and it worked well. I don't know if you'll have an issues with thin rubber or a lighter color but I would think it would be fine.

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