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Mega Man 11 demo


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Only switch has the demo atm I believe. Probably was supposed to be a big OUT NOW deal during the canceled Nintendo Direct. So instead it just sort of appeared on the eshop.


As for the demo, I tried it and I don’t know, it seems like it’s a Megaman game I guess? It’s..there.

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I really liked the demo. The game plays and feels fantastic. Capcom really nailed the basic mechanics. I was concerned about the gear system making the game too easy, but that's not the case at all. The meter gets used so fast and the cool down is long enough that it's difficult to abuse. Though I do think the power-up gear is far less useful than the slow down gear.


The level design was really nice, and the way it builds on itself is classic Mega Man design. The stage is actually really long with 2 checkpoints and 2 mini bosses. Health drops seem very rare, and I never got a 1up drop aside from the gimme after the second checkpoint. The boss design was a nice change of pace with multiple forms it seems. I haven't been able to beat it, but I thought it was well designed. However, I do like how Mega Man games have you fight against similar sized robot masters as an all out duel. I hope every boss doesn't have a large form. Save that for Wily's Castle.


Graphics are hit and miss. Outside environments look great, inside was pretty uninspired. Music did not sound like Mega Man, unfortunately. It wasn't terrible, just kind of generic.


Overall I'm very excited for this. Capcom proper hasn't made a classic Mega Man game in forever so I was a big skeptical, but I'm definitely sold now.

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