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My body is in so much pain. I haven't gone to the gym in 5 days. Fucking corona. I was looking into gym equipment but it will cost me like $3-4k to get a proper setup.

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I'm going down the running/bodyweight workouts at the moment. It's good but it'll never compare to actual circuit training in a nice park, where I can run and do circuits for an hour without the feeling it's a risk.

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My gym closed over two weeks ago.    I'm doing Shaun T workouts, and body weight stuff.  Sucks because I had pretty much stopped doing cardio and was just focusing on lifting and eating properly.


I had just deadlifted 485(a PR) before all this.  Probably can't do it now.

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Did a home workout outside on my patio and it was actually very pleasant. Not the actual exercise which was pretty horrific but I’m glad the weather has improved 


I’ve also decided that a I’m going to be a dad I’m about five months I want to start it off in the best possible way. So my summer aims are to be able to run a half marathon relatively comfortably, drop two inches from my waist and four from my chest and try and improve my muscular endurance and overall appearance and definition 


I don’t want to end up having a summer being shut in and end it being a fat dad


UPDATE: Today went for a run, though I have no headphones at the moment so it was a bit boring. I also had the age old curse (well, for me) of not going to the bathroom before the run and it ruining the last half mile or so. 


I'm going to complete my 'easier' route and then finish off with some circuit training. 


I do have to say though, being at home all the time has meant that I bake/make more food, which is both lovely, but not exactly in-keeping with my goal so I'll switch over to making healthy snacks/meals and freezing them.

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Went for a run on a route that mapmyrun said was two miles but used Strava to keep pace 


Turns out its 3.4 miles which is nice and makes me look forward to checking what I think is a longer route that I run a lot

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I've decided that the pre, pre-season fitness group that I run for my rugby club is starting today. So I came up with a 36 minute session to get that horrible blend of anaerobic fitness, aerobic recovery time and some little bits of strength thrown in. 

  1. 10 minutes continuous jog 
  2. 45-15's (work for 45s, rest for 15s - Push Ups, Plank, Squats, Mountain Climbers, Alternate Lunges)
  3. 2020's (20s 3/4 pace running, 20s rest x10)
  4. 45-15's (Burpees, High Knees, Close Arm Push Ups, Straight Leg Crunches, Plank)
  5. Pyramid (10m sprint and jog back to start, 20m sprint and jog back to start, up to 50m and back again)
  6. 4 minutes slow jog as recovery

The next session on Wednesday will be a 5km run, but with each km split into different forms of aerobic exercise, but I need to plan that out properly first. 


I did the session, here's a review because why not. 


1. Easy, I like running and this was a small one of those. 

2. Easy, except for the Mountain Climbers which started to burn after about 30 seconds. 

3. After about 5 these started to become horrendous, by the final two I sounded like I was dying, but my legs felt alright. 

4. Easy, though I dropped my piece of paper with my exercises so I forgot about High Knees and substituted them with shoulder-tap press ups instead. 

5. I thought I'd use the lamp posts in the park to measure my sets, which after two very confident sprints I realised were about 30m apart (not 10m). The 150m sprint was not fun, nor were the other 120m, 90m, 60m or 30m ones that came after it, still finished and I ran better than I thought I would. 

6. This was a slow walk followed by a 4 minute very slow jog. 


I'm now home icing my legs and lying on the floor.


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I gave up. I ordered stuff to build my own gym in my garage, it's expensive but... now I have zero excuses.


Rogue Monster Light Squat Rack SML-2

Eleiko XF Bumpers (4x45, 2x35, 2x25, 5x10)

Rogue Iron Plates (4x2.5 2x10)

TRX Home

Rogue Ohio Bar Cerakote

Rogue Technique Bar 15-lb

REP 4 fold mat

Rogue Kettlebell (9lb, 13lb, 18lb, 53lb)


Now I'm looking at a Bench, I like this one.

I've been doing this non-stop for 2 weeks now, reading these forums for availability updates. Basically ignoring my work! haha


For next month's budget; I'm going to get some mats for deadlifts, I want something portable like this.


Lastly I'll need dumbbells, for this I'm waiting for York to come back. I want these numbers: 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100 


I also want 2 bars for farmers walks.


I'm also going to pickup a mirror for form checks (and handsome checks.)


THIS IS WHY I HAVEN'T BEEN POSTING AS MUCH LOL.  Now everything is going to open up too haha.

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