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I'm on a 90 day cut.   Want to reach my goal by my birthday in September.


Weighed 187  about 9 months ago.  Decided I wanted a little more mass, said "fuck cardio" and focused on eating(bulking) and lifting, now looking to lean out.

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18 minutes ago, darkness35 said:

The heat wave recently has not been kind for ideal running conditions.  Not even 15 minutes and it's unbearable to jog outside without some kind of shade or breeze.




I know that feeling and it's not even hot in SW England.  I can't wait for it to dip under 20C so I can at least run more than 4 miles without being more sweat than man.

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2 hours ago, 5timechamp said:

What is the main plan youre following?



I'm now down 26. I'm cutting with a low calorie diet with as close to a 40/30/30 ratio as possible. Most days are between 1100-1400 calories. 


I also use the Nike Training Club app which is the best app I've found for a scheduled workout plan. There's lots to choose from and if you have any experience with Beach Body workouts, the video format is similar, which is really nice. Best of all, the app is completely free. It's crazy how much some apps charge. I usually do 4-5 workouts a week, ranging from 15-30 minutes. Nothing too intense. 


We also do walks every night of about 4 miles. I'd rather spend my time on the rower or treadmill, but Triage likes the time out on walks, so I walk. 


I usually do one cheat meal a week. Or night--if we have company over for game night, I'll relax what I eat quite a bit, but 95% of the time I stick to my meal plan:


Morning: Coffee w/stevia, gummy vitamins, a packet of instant oatmeal 


Morning/Afternoon snacks: a whole Larabar (half is one snack)


Lunch: pre-made nutrition shake. I usually do the GNC Lean 25, which are really good, but in an effort to save a bit of money I've switched to EAS Advantage. Not as good, but it works. 


Dinner: I need to eat something, so this is the meal I enjoy. I have half a ham & cheese sandwich with pepperoncini, pickles, mustard, wasabi sauce, and some butter & garlic heated on our panini press. Along with 10 Pringles. Why Pringles? They're not my favorite, but one chip is 10 calories. So they're perfect for getting portions right. We also have these really good waffle cookies that come in different flavors, and one is 23 calories, so I have two. All that comes out to around 400 calories. 


Evening snack: Either wasabi peas, one cheese stick, and a couple more of the waffle cookies; or a prepackaged cup of hummus with baby carrots and two of those waffle cookies. 



On weekends my breakfast will be a one egg omelet with a slice of cheese, and half a piece of toast. 



You'd be surprised how quickly your stomach shrinks so you get full from less. We went out to have Eggs Benedict on Sunday, and I couldn't finish my hash browns and felt overly full for about the next 6 hours. 


Should I keep it up, I should hit 170 sometime in October. 

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I have gotten to heaviest yet in the past year (especially after spine surgery and being limited physically) but I finally started to care and it helps Emblazon wants to lose weight and be healthy. It motivates me. 


For now nutrition wise I am doing Isagenix for breakfast and lunch with fruits and veggies for snacks. Dinner I usually eat Hungryroot which is vegan company. I do cheat meal once to twice a week (but even then I watch portions). 


I added working out with Emblazon and we walk 4 miles a day with usually one day off a week. I've lost 10 pounds so far but I have so much more to go. I seem to be steady losing 1.5 lbs a week. 

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Went to the Skyzone trampoline park for my son's birthday this past weekend and holy shit, I realize how out of shape I am. A few bounces on those trampolines and I was so done. The good thing was that I stretched before I did anything but I was so dam winded. Plus they had a rope like obstacle course like Ninja Warrior and while I knew I couldn't complete all of it, the fact in how I wiped out early on made me think I need to lose some weight. I'm currently maintaining a weight of 221 which as been good for my blood pressure but I'd like to trim down 10-20 pounds. 

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So, my stag party is in roughly 280 days.  The main activity is going to be a 4 hour wrestling school event, where we get to dress up, have entrance music, learn the basics and then have a Royal Rumble.  It's going to be recorded and given to us, so I want to make sure I look the part (as best I can do at least).  


So whilst I wait until I've passed my driving test (and will have a spare £224 a month to play with) I'm going to make use of the 'free' gym at my local park.  


Session 1 has just been completed.  Overall: 


50 push ups

75 crunches

50 seconds of pulling up to a bar and holding on (I can do some pretty shitty pull ups at the moment, so this seemed like a better starting point)

50 squats

100 lunges

25 chest dips

50 tricep dips


1 pyramid circuit (20m, 40m, 60m, 80m and 100m intervals)


2 miles jogged



It wasn't overly hard which was nice, though I'm nowhere near the pinnacle of fitness I was during my naval application many moons ago, but I reckon I can get back to that by September. 

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The weather's been really fucking awful as of late due to rain and humidity.  Tried running yesterday, but the humidity and heat was bad that I couldn't even run a full mile straight (not to mention stomach issues from odd food).  Did run a total of a mile and a quarter though.


Also I've been trying to focus more on my core.  Started adding 1 minute planks and 20 sit-ups three times a day on alternating days. Apparently planks hit me hard; I can't even do pushups well today, lame.

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20 hours ago, ManUtdRedDevils said:

Completed the 50 Burpees a day for a month  challenge. First week was awful. Second was better. Third was good. Fourth was boring.  It is a good summer workout since you don’t need weights to do.  


In a perfect position now to do sone Joe Wick workouts. 90% burpee related 

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On 8/9/2018 at 9:17 PM, gamer.tv said:

Went for a nice jog after work today. 3 miles or so, but included some really good hill sprints along the way.  My trainers are beyond fucked however so will pick up new ones tomorrow so my calf/hamstring doesn’t snap in two.


Another 3 miler, though really suffered from a) it being sunny b) walking about 30,000 steps at work but eating as though I would have a day sitting down.  So long as I wake up early enough tomorrow, will smash out some circuit training when walking the dog.

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