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WotC announces "next generation" of Dungeons & Dragons for 2024 release, public playtesting begins today

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It doesn't appear that it's really an actual 6E, but rather an "evolving" version of 5E which it will be backwards compatible with.  




The first playtest is available now



Don't panic: the new One D&D rules will be wholly backwards compatible with D&D 5th Edition.


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Also announced today:



The release schedule includes a book focused on giants and a new Phandelver campaign




Dungeons & Dragons used a Tuesday press conference to tease a packed release schedule, which includes the return of the Planescape campaign setting in fall 2023. The beloved setting, first published in 1994, will be getting the same treatment Wizards of the Coast provided with Spelljammer: Adventures in Space: a three-book slipcase including a setting guide, bestiary, and adventure campaign.


The setting of the classic PC game Planescape: Torment, Planescape digs into D&D’s deep cosmology by allowing players to hop between different planes. These include other traditional D&D settings on the Material Planes, the Inner Planes, which represent elemental forces, and the Outer Planes ruled by gods, angels and demons.


The city of Sigil serves as a hub for interplanar travel and is itself a rich setting with complex factions and a mysterious ruler known as the Lady of Pain. Players are encouraged to join one of the 15 factions which are united by a philosophy on the meaning of life. For instance, the Society of Sensation believes that enlightenment is achieved through experiences. Members use magic to store their memories so that others can experience them. The Harmonium police Sigil because they believe that they should rule all of reality to provide peace and stability.



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On 8/21/2022 at 8:14 PM, Slug said:

Neat, but it bugs me how really uneccessary this is. 

That is how I feel. It seems pretty unnecessary. The only thing that I really like from this is expanding backgrounds and making them really matter. 

I honestly just wanted some

nore backgrounds, more feats, and maybe some expansion on weapons/ shields.

My hope is they don’t try to over complicate the game like Pathfinder and keep the game simple.

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1 hour ago, Commissar SFLUFAN said:


I was under the impression that the entire point of Pathfinder was the "crunch" :p


I think the internet for PF 1E was to bring back the crunch, but it seems sometimes it is just complicated for the sake of being complicated. 

I do not need four different AC. 

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