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Shorter game experiences, which are worth playing?


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I think I've hit that tipping point again where I can't really focus on playing a long, focused single player experience.  The last time this happened, it was followed by a lot of reading, a lot of movie watching and an abandonment of gaming for about 3 months until I played Journey in one sitting. 


Just to preempt this, I would love to hear some suggestions for shorter gaming experiences.  At my disposal are a PS4, PS3, 360 and a Wii U, so hopefully a fair spread of games available. 


Currently, I'm eyeing up the likes of Inside, Undertale and Pyre, but I'd love to hear about pretty much any worth while games of a shorter length (or pick up and play in nature, in the vain of say Peggle) that I can dip in and out of whilst I've got my lovely 53 hour weeks. 


Cheers chums. 

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Supergiant Games makes good, short experiences.. Check out Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre. 


I also recommend Firewatch, Gone Home, and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.


Also episodic adventure games like Life is Strange and The Walking Dead should do you good as well.

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7 minutes ago, Ghost_MH said:

Do you want something that's purely about the gameplay or more of a narrative experience? Gameplay-wise, there are great games like Celeste. From the narrative side of things, you have stuff like Oxenfree or Night in the Woods.


Both are fine with me.  I really enjoyed Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture a few years ago and I’ve just remembered we do have The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.


But please recommend away!

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Some great suggestions above. Some I would suggest would be:


Heavenly Sword - PS3  

The Order 1886 - PS4  

The Force Awakens 2 - PS3/360


Those are the 3 that I can remember off the top of my head that can probably be beaten in 2-4 sittings that I enjoyed. No more than 6 hour games each at most. 


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1 hour ago, RedSoxFan9 said:


Spec Ops: The Line


These are great suggestions. Bulletstorm is an absolutely fantastic shooter and it’s biggest critism was that’s it’s too short. So there you go! And Spec Ops is a game you really want to play on easy and just enjoy the (fantastic) story which makes it even shorter.

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I don't know how we're defining short here.  Journey is maybe 90 minutes, but a lot of games mentioned here are 8+ hours.


If you're looking for truly short experiences, here are some of my recent favorites:



Donut County

Devil Daggers

The Fall




Renegade Ops

Into the Breach

Rocket League

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