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This news story is the Most Maximum British one that you're going to read this week

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Council bosses have barred beer-loving Patrick the Pony from The Drum Inn, in Devon.




The honorary mayor of a town in Devon has remained defiant after being banned from his local pub.


Council bosses have barred beer-loving Patrick the Pony from The Drum Inn, in Cockington, where he was often seen knocking back pints of Guinness.


Officials told the pub it needed planning permission to let the four-year-old roam in the garden which needed to be changed to official grazing land.


Despite not being allowed to enjoy a tipple at his local and meet residents, Patrick’s owners have vowed he’s remaining as mayor after being elected on 23 July. 


Owners Kirk and Hannah Petrakis, from Torbay, claimed he was being targeted by cruel ‘bullies’ trying to push him out after the council made the decision when it received a complaint from a member of the public.


Kirk, 44, said: ‘Patrick is not going anywhere.


‘He is still a mayor in many people’s eyes – even the local MP’s eyes!



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23 minutes ago, Commissar SFLUFAN said:



Most mayors are "figurative" asses anyway, so might as well have a literal one!


My city's mayor is a caricature of a white colonizer.

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2 hours ago, Ricofoley said:

You can't fool me with this fake news, c'mon. There's not a real town called "Cockington." Absurd.

It's England. They are required by the Crown to have at least 50% of their towns named something like Cocksdale, Cocks-on-the-wold, Cockstershire, and Pussyvale.

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