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To no one’s great shock, it appears that Alex Jones (conspiracy theorist and owner of infowars) has the dumbest lawyers

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I watched live. I have never watched something that has given me such catharsis as this has. 


I was howling with laughter. Just an absolute MELTDOWN in the competence of his defense lawyers. 

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9 minutes ago, Brick said:

Maybe even his lawyers are like, "Fuck this guy" and did it on purpose. Might be worth losing the case over :p


The accident was likely sending the entire phone. If he was ordered in discovery to hand over any texts and email related to Sandy Hook and the lawyers had his phone, they'd be obligated to provide those texts and emails even if Jones didn't want to. The real fuck up is sending the entire phone and not just only the data they had to provide.

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1 hour ago, Jason said:



54 minutes ago, Jason said:

Jones denies any knowledge of the images, and Infowars describes the emails as a "malware attack attempting to embed" child porn on their servers.



21 minutes ago, b_m_b_m_b_m said:



This is amazing, truly amazing. That video is so fucking pathetic, with his beet-red stupid face scrambling to make sense of how fucked he is and babbling incoherently. "oiusdoifosihdf oihaoih i aon't know i"m not TECH GUYYY blablab" so satisfying to watch. 



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