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Lyft driver finds Pixel 3 XL in car, no one cares


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1 minute ago, Kal-El814 said:

Good thing you’re only trying to crack AI and don’t have to deal with the heavy burden of notches. 




In my defense, there are natural problems that are fun to try and solve, and there are problems forced upon you by other engineers that keep you from working on the problem you want to solve. The notch is the latter and I have very little patience for the latter. 


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6 minutes ago, sblfilms said:

Who cares about notches :lol:


The rounded corners of the screen are more offensive IMO.


Because of the notch on the Pixel 3, Google is moving the clock in Android from the top-right to the top-left, and limiting you to three notification icons before it just goes into an overflow indicator. This is pretty bad considering that Android apps often have persistent notifications going.

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Will definitely be keeping an eye on this phone as it gets closer to release. I'm hoping to get a new phone in the next couple months and would definitely wait for this if it's worth it.  And unless it's a total turd, it will almost certainly be worth it to me, as I love the stock Android experience. :daydream:

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