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Xbox Live on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility not working

The def star

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I have been having this issue for quite sometime but I just ignored it. When playing Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One witha wired connection I can't connect to Xbox Live playing 360 games. I'm online via the Xbox One as I can see my friends list and go back to playing Xbox One games online but playing games like Mordern Warfare 2 via Backwards Compatibility I get the check your connection as you are not connected to Xbox live. Funny thing is if I disconnect the wired connection and my Xbox is on wifi it works. I have checked all my settings, IP addresses, DNS and open all my ports but still can't connect using BC. It sucks because in games like MW2 a WiFi connection will give you a disadvantage and also I don't want to disconnect my wired connection Everytime I want to play BC titles. I'm trying to figure this out as I am not the only one having this issue it seems.




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Alright I figured it out incase anyone else is having the same issues. My DNS gateway was in IPv6. Xbox 360 seems to run into issues with IPv6 so I just changed manually changed it in the Advance Network settings to an IPv4 gateway. Did a hard reboot and bingo it's back online. Such a relief!








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