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As Catholics again wrestle with another abuse scandal, the Mormons excommunicate a critic of their one-on-one interview with children policy

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These "worthiness" interviews involve an untrained ecclesiastical leader asking questions about sexual habits to mostly teenagers and even some children as young as eight. One-on-one. Behind closed doors. And the questions can get as explicit as the leader seems fit. I've heard quite a few horror stories from both men and women. "Did you orgasm? How many times?" "How many fingers did you use?" "Were your clothes on or off?"


Sam Young, a guy who used to do these types of interviews in a leadership position, has been organizing public opposition to this practice.


His reward is a disciplinary council with Mormon leaders where he is lileñy to be excommunicated. 


As Mormon Apostle Dallin Oaks once said: "It is wrong to criticize leaders of the church [re: me]. Even if the criticism is true."



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