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God of War - dueling critiques from Joseph Anderson (3 hours) and Matthewmatosis (41 minutes)

Commissar SFLUFAN

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I can't say I like the Case Study video. Part of it is because I like the game and he just didn't. He listed a lot of flaws and it almost seems like because there are any flaws at all the game isn't good. I mean, I agree with much he had to say but overall, the flaws weren't that bad, IMO. Sure, they fucking sucked but they didn't stop me from liking what was there. And I don't really care that the game isn't gamey enough. I there are enough gamey games. I have not played many story driven games like GOW. I don't me I haven't played story driven games, just ones that are similar to GOW and TLOU. I have not played TLOU at all and I never will. 

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38 minutes ago, atom631 said:

Holy shit. 3hrs to critique a game? Dude must love the sound of his own voice. Can I get a TL:DW? 



The only thing I'll tell you is what stood out to me the most and that was the "too many trolls" shit many have complained about, including myself. Well, it wasn't that those people were wrong but they just didn't know how to get their point across. So, it wasn't that there were too many trolls, but that there should be more trolls as the fill the same role as the ogres and other mini bosses. 


"The problems trolls is not their frequency but where they're placed." The troll fights aren't bad, but that you wish there was a different boss there and not just another troll. It isn't that you get all "oh damn I have to fight another troll," but, "oh damn I wish there was a different boss here."

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I like God of War. But I don’t think it’s really even close to a masterpiece. 


The boss fights are kinda bad. There are some major plot pacing and tonal issues. There’s not enough enemy variety, and several of the enemies are straight up not fun to fight. 


It does a lot of awesome stuff too, but it was a really good game and not all that memorable in the grand scheme of things for me.

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God of War is a masterpiece, not a perfect game, but so thoroughly enjoyable that that's what I'm calling it. I'm playing new game + right now and it's reaffirming that fact. 


I certainly don't need to see two people who think they're maybe smarter than everyone else, either telling me something I already know, or being wrong. 


And certainly not something that's 3 hours fucking long. 

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