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Fictional sports you wish were real.


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11 minutes ago, Bacon said:

lol fucking idiot 


Anyway, everyone knows the only real sport is Blitzball and the only team worth a damn are the Zanarkand Abes. 

I mean, yeah, "real" Quidditch exists, but I'm talking about how it is in Harry Potter, with flying broomsticks and everything.


And there actually is a real Blitzball, but it's more like baseball than the sport from FFX.



Home of the official Blitzball, the incredible backyard baseball. Twice the curves, twice the distance. Try it once, and your game will never be the same.


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"I Score", a game created by my brother and I, but likely an off shoot of similar creations by others, was a game played along a 20 foot narrow enclosed and sided pathway by the pool table in our basement.  Ping Pong (or table tennis) paddles were used with a table tennis ball (sometimes racquet balls were used when TT balls were all smashed).  The object of the game was to hit the ball on the wall behind the other player (about 4 feet wide and 4 feet high) upon which you would then, to no surprise, yell "I score!"  Games were usually to 10, with matches being a best of three.  Physical contact was a necessary part of the game (scrums in the middle were a key part of the excitement...who is going to get there first?  Should I wait and play D?) and usually devolved into fists fights and eventually going to mom crying (mostly me as the younger). 


After three seasons, 1975-77, interest in the game waned.  A ceremonial last match was played in 1980 and now it exists only as a memory for 2 brothers. 


...but boy are they still good memories to this day. 

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