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Two Point Hospital OT - Bedside Manner (Update: A Stich in Time DLC)


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Picked this up a few days ago, since I remember the E3 trailer looking delightful.

And surprise! It's delightful! Great music, great little radio DJ guy inbetween music, great art style that's really consistent, awesome performance, game is simple enough to play with one hand (so I can jack it or relax, or both) and it doesn't feel all busted or janky like a lot of recent games like this have been.


Is it coming to phones? Because a lot of the UI looks like it would work on phones.

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Strangely enough, the bad reviews on Steam (more than I expected) have been that the game plays a lot like a demo throughout it, with a need for features to be implemented still. The complaints are coming as players get through a good portion of the game where they start making those types of complaints. Read a few claims that some of the early positive reviews were from people who played the demo, and now that people have played the game in detail, they think the real game plays too much like a demo (or as a few have pointed out): A tutorial.

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I think this is a fun little game that could use some tweaking. A copy room function would really be appreciated, and it can be quite frustrating when a patient is complaining loudly about stuff that is right next to them (food, drink, toilet, etc.).


Also, the number of GPs offices required is stupid. It's difficult if not impossible to really get the queues under control. As far as I can tell the only way to limit the number of patients you get is to have a lower level, but that level is a function of rooms and doctors, so if you build more GPs offices to account for the lines, you raise your level and end up with more patients. Even in a hospital where I tried my best to limit my level and train up every possible staff member it can still be frustrating.


Still, even though it's a bit repetitive and even though there are bits of frustration that I think could be tweaked, it's a fun little game. I certainly won't complain that it's not a game I'll spend a hundred hours on. I'll get my $20 worth.

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Explore a new wintery region, featuring three brand new hospitals, 34 new region-specific illnesses (including 9 new visual illnesses), and a whole host of new in-game items.


(Ice) pick it up now for 10% in the first week of release: https://store.steampowered.com/app/96...

Local celebri-yeti Bartholomew F. Yeti, the otherwise reclusive furball, has been petitioning for better healthcare in the Pointy Mountains, home to the most frequently forgotten people in all of Two Point County. Mr Yeti will need your help, curing new illnesses such as Cold Shoulder, Bard Flu, and Aurora Snorealis!




What you'll get: 


3 new hospitals in a wintry setting
34 new illnesses (including 9 new visual illnesses)
New festive items to place


Illnesses include...

• Barking Mad
• Mechanical Metropolism
• Reptilian Metropolism
• Bard Flu
• Knightmares
• Monster Mishmash


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Welcome to Pebberley Island! Part-time explorer and notorious germaphobe, Wiggy Silverbottom, is on a quest to discover the secrets of eternal life. As a hospital administrator with a flair for the unconventional, Wiggy needs your help to unlock this most majestic of bounties.


Let him be your tour guide through this trailer which touches on some of the exotic climes you’ll discover for yourself in this brand new DLC. 


Expand your medical frontiers. Experience new sights. Yearn to discover the greatest secret of all. Includes three new hospitals, a wide variety of new illnesses and an array of tropical paraphernalia to place in your rather spectacular hospitals.


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  • Pikachu changed the title to Two Point Hospital OT - Bedside Manner (Update: A Stich in Time DLC)

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