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NBA 2K19 Warriors Vs Lakers Gameplay


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9 hours ago, XxEvil AshxX said:



EDIT: Can't wait for the season to start to listen to all those commentators and analysts who pretended to be Cavs fans all these years suddenly get amnesia.

It will be the same with the fans that were Cavs fans then were fans of the once Heat Nation. Can't stand bandwagon folks.

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I was able to play the tutorial while the game was copying. It may look the same but I felt the difference as I played it. It plays a lot smoother, crazily interesting, and you have to be extra careful with passes or they will get picked off easily. My son and I have a real bad habit of kicking out a pass in a jump shot attempt and it worked for the most part in 2k18. I tried a few times in 2k19 and stop that quickly. I'll actually dig into the prelude later this evening.


@ohioguy24 - Have you played the Live 19 demo? Dude, I think Live is the truth this year. I am loving that demo. 

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