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Washington Football Team to announce new name and logo on the Today Show


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8 minutes ago, Biggie said:

Not bad. The People’s Team is sort of corny/cringe though. 

Yeah I don't get that. 


The circular shield logo is kinda cool. The shitty Clipart looking 'W' is jank as hell though. Hope they minimize use of that. 

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29 minutes ago, 69los said:

That's the kind of nickname I'd expect to see in an old NES game that couldn't get the rights to actual names. Starting at QB Jake Nebraska!

def feels like a fake name right out da movies 

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2 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:

Talk about closing the gate after the horses have escaped.


Yeah.  To be fair they made a similar release back when the team originally announced the first name change ultimately resulting in 'Football Team', but nobody listened then either.

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1 minute ago, TwinIon said:

A friend said that this team name sounds like one you'd see in a movie that didn't want to pay for the rights to use an actual NFL team.

One of the generic names when you're building a custom team in Madden franchise mode.

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