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True Detective: Season 3 - Official Discussion Thread

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I'm sad to hear about the issues between first two episodes of season 3 director Jeremy Saulnier (Blue Ruin, Green Room) and writer Nic Pizzolatto (who also famously butted heads against all episodes of season 1 director Cary Fukunaga) but we're still getting two episodes directed by Jeremy Saulnier. And Pizzolatto has taken his time again this time, which is good, and one episode was even co-written by David Milch (Deadwood). All starring Mahershala Ali.


There's a lot of potential good there. 

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First two episodes were very good, and more importantly, intriguing. Great writing, directing, and acting. Derivative of the first season in terms of tone and feel, but at least a cohesive story told well (unlike season 2, which I enjoyed but was clearly far worse than season 1). Love the unreliable narration and the Kurt Vonnegut-esque feeling of our main character being "unstuck in time". 


Jeremy Saulnier directing the first two episodes of the season really showed - love his work (Blue Ruin, Green Room, Hold the Dark). 

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