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Socom US Navy Seals 1- Combined Assault...still worth playing?


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As a Gamecube and later XBOX 360 gamer I never played this series....(feeling that Ghost Recon and Conflict Desert Storm series filled that niche)


well now after 4 + play throughs of Wildlands that itch to visit this series returns...is it worth playing on the merits of the SP campaigns? the bar isnt set too high, I still enjoy playing Desert Storm from time to time... 

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I know I played those games but I'm struggling to remember a whole lot about them. I remember it was very GR-like but faster and more arcadey. I think what really made it stand out at the time was that it was one of the very few PS2 games that had online play. Other than than it wasn't all that special.


EDIT: Also, Combined Assault was Socom 4. I didn't play that far into the series, only the first two.

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